Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vote April 7--Donate Now

Last November the winds of change blew through Washington. Now the same refreshing breeze is stirring in McHenry County as we come up on the April 7 Consolidated Election.

Patrick Murfin and Meredith Reid Sarkees your Democratic Party candidates are challenging an entrenched Republican establishment in Nunda Township. Just when the storm of economic crisis intensifies, fresh eyes, hands and voices are needed in local government.

These are the issues:

  • How can the Township serve the greater needs of citizens buffeted by the economy while tax revenues stagnate or fall?
  • How can we best preserve our threatened ground water resources and preserve open space operating under these restraints?
  • How can we coordinate planning with the County and local municipalities and re-think zoning and transportation systems geared to unsustainable sprawl?

Meredith and Patrick need you help to bring

Change to Nunda and end routine business as usual.

Please consider giving $100, $50, or $25 to Friends of Murfin and Sarkees. Even $5 or $10 would help us print literature, send out mailings, and buy the signs needed to challenge our well funded opponents and the political machine that backs them.

Just click on the convenient PayPal button in the left hand column to make a contribution.

Or send a check to:

Friends of Murfin and Sarkees
c/o Murfin
522 W. Terra Cotta Ave.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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