Thursday, April 2, 2009

Murfin responds to attack letter in Northwest Herald

Today’s Northwest Herald contained an attack letter by one Brent Smith (pictured right) on Change for Nunda candidate Patrick Murfin. Read the letter here. Smith’s attack was not unexpected. He lurked around the January Nunda Township Democratic Party Caucus at which Murfin appealed to the voters to consider his past before they voted to slate him--the same past which is frankly revealed in his candidate profile on this very blog.

Below are the responses Murfin made in the on-line comments to the letter.

In 26 years residency in Nunda Township, I have never tried to hide my past. During the agonies of the Vietnam War I was faced with a personal moral choice, which I made at a personal sacrifice. Others made other decisions. I respect them for it. I some folks will never be able to support me because of that. I understand. Others will look at a lifetime of community service and involvement and judge that. My many veteran friends may even remember when I advocated for decent medical care for vets while a Republican administration sought to short change them.

Mr. Smith is lying when he claims that his letter “is not about political partisanship.” His wife is one of my opponents for Nunda Township Trustee. He has been using his leadership in clout heavy Local Union 150 to build a political empire within the Republican Party. Insiders may recall how he arranged for Local 150 operatives to get appointed as Republican precinct committeemen even though some of them did not even live in the county. Allied with Nunda Road Commissioner Don Kopsell’s mini patronage army, he hopes to be calling the shots in the county GOP soon.

By the way, ask honest union leaders what they think of Mr. Smith’s cozy relationship with the Republican Party.

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